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  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
Frequently Asked Questions - xGen SEO

Solutions to common issues in using xGen SEO the latest, state-of-the-art search engine optimization software.

Account Validation
»When I did my Account Validation, I got a lot of messages that said read, what does this mean?
»During the Account Validation, the program is stuck on one of the emails, what should i do?
»What is the difference between Activated & Verified?

Article Creation
»How Do I spin an article properly?
»When creating my article, can I spin my Article Subject?

»I’m experiencing some problems using XGen SEO, and your Support Team are asking for my log.dat file, where do I find this?
»Everytime I open XGENSEO I have to re-register to gain access to the program, how do I stop this from happening?
»When I tried to create a new yahoo account or do the submission, the program launches the new window but it stays blank. What do I do?
»If I wish to move the XGenSEO program from one computer to another, how do I backup My accounts?
»In the export report, not all of the URL’s are clickable. Why is this?
»How is xGen SEO any different from other similar programs?
»How long does it take for my pages to rank higher in Google using Xgen Seo?
»Can I reuse the Campaign and/or email to post another article or are they only good for 1 post?
»Does XGenSEO support proxy? Where is this located and how will this benefit me?
»My website is a non English website. Is it possible to create articles and submit it to article directories in my own language?
»Why would I want to create hundreds of social networking accounts and submit articles about my company to these sites and never check comments or update those accounts manually?
»What is the difference between the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of XGen SEO?
»Does XGen SEO guarantee a top ranking on Google?
»For the Keyword Research Builder, we can have 50 keywords for the Standard edition. Is this overall or per account?

Link Wheel
»What’s is LINK WHEEL? Does XGen SEO support Link Wheel?

»On the Website Profile Settings, i got a warning message about my keyword limit, why is it limiting the keyword characters only to 100?
»What are the minimum System Requirements for running xGen SEO?
»I wanted to use the same Account information from my old Campaign in the new Campaign that I've just created, is there a way to do that?
»When I trying to setup the Yahoo account as well as social media accounts, the window just stays open indefinitely and the Account Creation success rate is very low, why is that?
»Can I use a Gmail Account in XGen SEO?
»Using XGen SEO With a Firewall

Social Site Account Creation
»Im trying to create the social media account , i got signup failed on all of the websites, the forms was autofilled and the captcha was solved, but after that, it just stuck and then the status says signup failed, what should I do?
»How can I change the verification status in account creation? Some have been verified but the status did not change.
»Sometimes XGen SEO fails to resolve the CAPTCHA, even though I’m subscribed to XGenSEO. Why is this happening?
»What is the difference between Activated & Verified?
»Can I change the username and password for individual social sites in XGen SEO?
»Can I manually change the Account Creation status from “Activated” to “Verified”? I watched the auto login, and the software logs in just fine. But after the login, XGen still says “Activated.”
»Do we need to set up a different campaign and yahoo account for each web page we want to promote?

Social Site Account Submissions
»The xGenSEO suite has "stopped responding" twice. First in the middle of auto account verification and now in the middle of submission. Is this common?
»Some of the social sites failed on Account Creation and Submission as well, please tell me why?

Social Site Link Creation
»Only a few links appear under link building analysis for an article I submitted to multiple sites. Some of which I have checked and the article is on the sites. Is there any reason why this is? Also how often are the links checked and when?
»I submitted my article through XGen SEO but not many links are showing up on Google? Won’t this affect my ranking?
»Why is my Link Analysis Tool displaying links to a website I didn’t submit my article to with XGen SEO?
»I have tried your software for a few days and submit 2 articles, when I check my backlink, but I did not see any result. Could you please let me know what's wrong?
»Some social sites automatically take links out of the articles, how does your software handle this?