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Introducing the most powerful SEO and Social Marketing Software in the World that will create literally a Traffic Jam on your Website! Guaranteed! I suggest you read this page completely before you do anything else! You will be glad that you did…
A question first ….Have you been wasting time and money on SEO Books, Articles, Training, so called (and crappy!) ‘traffic blue prints’ and even garbage software and still not getting results you need and deserve?
OR are your considering spending time and money on such things?

Fact 1 - Learning to get Targeted Traffic IS Time Consuming!

Let us think for a moment…

Do you have time and resources to do what those e-books and courses ask you to do? ….Take it further, once you learn from those resources, you then have to buy/download other tools and software to be able to use the learning! Guess what? Then you have to learn those tools and software and spend further time on that! Absolutely Crazy Stuff!

Who is going to do your business if you spend all those massive amount of time on learning, what really is all theory and does not produce much results for you anyway!? …Don’t you need something that is as easy as ABC and something that actually works? If yes, then read on!

Fact 2 - Paid Search is getting exorbitantly expensive!

Google Adwords used to be a great source of instant and affordable traffic. Not any more! Heard of cost per click of $35 or even $55 or not!? That much Per Click! It is so expensive now, that it is quickly becoming only a source for big businesses only.

Do not you need something which will give you almost FREE traffic and guarantees Top ranking in organic search, so that you can stop worrying about this paid search traffic which is getting more expensive everyday?

Fact 3 - Getting Targeted Traffic and Search Engine Ranking
is real Hard work! You know it!

There used to be a time when getting quality visitors was easy. Those eBooks and training techniques from here and there used to get some result….Today, in 2010, Search Engines have become battlefields! You have to use as many techniques and as many sources of traffic as you possible find, to get an explosion of targeted traffic and buying customers!

Blogging, Social Media, Article Marketing, Book-Marking, Micro Blogging, Wikis, Hubs, Videos, Paid Search….and the list goes on and on! Most those are necessary so that they can generate quality links back to your website and make it more popular and increase traffic.
Can you really use all those manually to really get the results? Not likely! Do not you need something, which will completely automate the tedious traffic building processes?

By taking into account all these facts, Apex Pacific, one of the pioneers in SEO and PPC technology development, has created their latest killer SEO Software - xGenSEO. This software is designed pretty much with keeping Business Owners in mind.

When you will know what this revolutionary automated SEO Software will deliver for you, it will blow your mind away! Read on to see exactly what it means for you…

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Here is what it will do for you….

It will explode the amount of sales leads and potentially, Sales and Profits from your website!!! Yes!

I am sure you will agree to the below.

More Targeted Traffic = More Leads = More Customers = More Sales = More Profit!!!!

Your website may be very good, but unless you have enough targeted traffic on your website, the website is useless! That will be no longer an issue when you have xGenSEO!

With xGenSEO,you will get More Traffic then you can handle! Yes Guaranteed! …..Get ready for more leads, more sales and more profits now!

It will dramatically slash your Internet Marketing Efforts,Time and Get you the results from day one! No more learning of the theories of SEO and Traffic. No more crappy learning courses, videos and no more large learning curves…. It is time to get the Results now..that too – Super Fast!!

No other leading software comes closer to XGenSEO™ in delivering quality traffic so successfully and so easily. XGenSEO™ delivers it. Guaranteed!

It will save thousands of dollars on Paid Search! If you are using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or any other paid Search, you can either stop the paid search spend completely or reduce it to minimal. You will get enough traffic from the organic/free searches.

This alone can save you thousands of dollars! You do not have to be an Online Marketing Pro anymore to get qualified traffic. With xGenSEO, you are covered!

It will help you to build your brand and establish you as an expert in your market! Your business or your name and your articles will appear at more then 100+ social sites regularly.

There will be your blog posts all over the net on all the Top blog sites, your Articles will be all over the net. Your content will appear on Micro Blogging Sites and Social Networking Sites. Dozens of book-marking sites will have your content. Your business name will appear on Hubs, Wikis and Forums. High quality content may be shared further and book marked by others too. Search Engines will pick your content on many keywords of your market on Top Pages! In short, your own and your business will be there on all conceivable social sites and Search Engines - at a click of a few buttons!

All this publicity would create brand awareness much more rapidly then any other method of Public Relations and Online Branding! People within your market segment will come to know about you. The exposure typically generates trust and you will be an establish expert in your market rapidly! Even better, all these will be absolutely free publicity!

It will massively increase your Revenue Potential; generate multiple income streams with Top Search Engine Rankings. Getting on top page of search engines for one money keywords can be worth thousands (or more!) of dollars. How about you getting for many such keywords!?

With xGenSEO, you can find your money keywords easily, you can create content quickly using those keywords. You can then let XGenSEO™ do its magic! With its complete automated system, it will make your keyword rich content so much popular, that getting multiple Top Page Rankings for your money keywords is now more possible then ever before!

As a smart business person, you could even consider having another line of online business where you can get such traffic onto that website and get potentially multiple revenue streams! You can use XGenSEO™ Business version for any number of businesses without any additional cost!

You will start increasing your revenue potential as soon as you start using XGenSEO™ effectively. Guaranteed!

It will help you dominate your market and completely wipe-off your competitors off the Search Engines!! Let us talk about unfair advantage here. XGenSEO™ is a weapon, that will provide an unfair advantage to you and your business, without a doubt over your competitors! Once the 100s of links start being recognised by Search Engines, you will start dominating the Search Engines.

Your competitors who may be using manual methods or other tools, will never be able to cope up with the rapid raise of the popularity and links of your website! They do not stand a chance!

Save yourself thousands of dollars of Outsourcing Costs! Do you outsource your Traffic Generation and SEO? With its wizard styled incredibly easy interface, you can do what the SEO Pros are doing yourself! You get most of what the traffic building or SEO Gurus do, but better and faster then what they can!

What makes a website more popular, are the links back to the website from other websites and social sites. With this incredible new software, you get a tons and tons of juicy links back to your website in hours and days rather then months!

XGenSEO™ will generate high quality back-links from top social sites, faster then any other technique or tool in the world! These sites include ALL major Social Media, Blogs, Wikis, Article Marketing, Hubs, Groups, Micro Blogging, Social Networking, RSS and Ping sites.

Bottom-line is, you save yourself thousands of dollars. Create a Traffic Jam on your website, without the pains and enormous outsourcing costs!

After research and development for nearly 12 months, this revolutionary software is being announced; so you can be sure that no stone is being left unturned to ensure that it delivers!

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So how does XGenSEO™ work?

Let us see what exactly XGenSEO™ does to bring you the results that we talked about.

Step 1 – XGenSEO™ will help you to automatically create hundreds of accounts on 100+ Top Social Media and web 2.0 websites - at a click of a button! This is done, with CAPTCHA resolved automatically! No manual intervention involved whatsoever……believe it or not!

Step 2 – XGenSEO™ verifies all those 100s of accounts created automatically! No opening of those 100s of emails and clicking on each one and laborious manual verification process anymore!

Step 3 – It helps you create your article or Blog posts. You can get targeted article ideas or blog post ideas using the money keywords quickly. You can then create articles and blog posts using the ideas for clients.

Step 4 – XGenSEO™ will automatically spin your articles and blog posts into 10s of different versions! So it helps in minimising the duplicate content issues.

Step 5 – It automatically will submit tens of versions of your articles to dozens of high PR article directories! Some names include EzineArticles, Article Dashboard, Article Trader, Article Cube, Article Rich, Article Base, ArticleAlley, Amazines

Step 6 – Then it will automatically submit different versions of your article/blog posts to all the top blog sites, Hubs & Wikis! Some names being Word Press, EasyJournal, BlogSpot, Zimbio, LiveJournal, WikiSpaces, Hubpages…

Step 7- It will automatically post inks of your article/blogs to all major Micro Blogging & Social Networking sites such as Twitter, FriendFeed, LindedIn, and Facebook.

Step 8 - XGenSEO™ then automatically takes all the new postings and bookmarks them to major book-marking sites! Names include Delicious, Digg, Backflip, LinkAgogo, A1-webmarks, Diigo, Mixx, OYAX..

Step 9 - It then gathers all the RSS feeds from the social sites you submitted content to and submits all those feeds to RSS directories such as: Blo.gs, Feedbase.net, Feedboy, Feeds4all, Azfeeds…Automtically!

Step 10 – XGenSEO™ then automatically gathers all the links from the sites you posted content to and Pings them all using pinging sites such as: Blo.gs, Feedburner, Blogstree, Feedster!

You can run the above steps many times with a few clicks of buttons and this will explode back-links onto your business websites. This is simply traffic building on pure steroids!

You would have not seen anything like this before…We did not before we created this nifty SEO Software!

Already Field-Tested. Proven To Delivers Results!!

Yes it works! XGenSEO™ has been successfully tested with websites in the MOST COMPETIVE industries & keywords and those websites have Zoomed into top 10 in Google in 30 days!


I have been using the SEO suite v8 for over couple of years now, I loved it and I was so happy with the result, and when I heard about the XGenSEO, I asked David to be one of the first beta testers, I tried it and I was amazed with how this application was developed, It is really worth every penny you invest in it, and you can find out yourself how much time you will save when you use this application, I was thinking, how am I going to submit articles for 100s of social media sites and directories for my customers, and how much I am going to charge them for this services, and if they will agree to use my service or not since the cost will be high.

When I tried XGenSEO™ I found that I can help my customers to grow their business and will cost them so less than before. If you are looking to grow your site traffic, this is the right tool.

Thanks Apex.

Ashraf Samuel


I would highly recommend XGenSEO™ because it is state of the art & from a real software company with real people to contact and support us through any technical issues.

XGenSEO™ is ideal for professional SEO agencies who demand maximum efficiency from their SEO tools. It reduces the time we would spend creating social site accounts and resolving captcha + automatically submits your social articles to blogs, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites & RSS aggregators.

XGenSEO™ will build thousands of links in a very short period of time which is critical for search engine relevancy. We use this piece of software everyday with our clients and it has made our work so much easier.

Chris York
Magellan LMD


I have been more than happy with my choice of using XGenSEO™. Previously I had used other submission applications, all of which did not perform the way XGenSEO™ does. Features, Price and also support bundled into one package, had me sold on this product. In addition, the options available for upgrades are attractive because of the nature of my business. With Apex Pacific you can purchase what you need for now and upgrade as your business grows, works for me.

If you are looking at purchasing automated social SEO submission software I highly recommend Apex because of our experience with gaining higher positions within the search engines. You will find both product quality and Apex Pacific support, second to none.

Peter Hickey


We have tested XGenSEO™ on two of my client websites now. I have also tested XGenSEO™ on my own online product websites. I can easily say that it is probably the best Traffic Building Tool an Offline or Online Business can get! It cut downs on the efforts massively and really gets you the results fast! I have no hesitation in recommending it!

Tejas Oza, (Business Owner & Internet Strategist) Marketing Conversions http://www.Marketingconversions.com.au


I think that this software is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across. I have tried other high profile social submission software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could compare to XGenSEO™. It’s way out on its own as far as researching social articles and keywords, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to automatically submitting your tip-top articles to all the major social sites & resolving captcha authentication.

Amos Drew

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XGenSEO™ Features

Wizard Styled, easy to use, friendly interface

With wizard styled intuitive interface, XGenSEO™ makes quality link building a very easy task. A logical and setp-by-step process takes you from each step of the process.
You do not have to be a seasoned SEO pro to get fantastic SEO results or targeted traffic anymore!

Automated Email Accounts Creator

Create new Yahoo email account at a click of button! No typing of CAPTA because the intelligence of xGenSEO, it resolves it automatically! This tool helps you to create 100s of new email accounts at click of a few buttons.
If you like to use your existing POP3 email accounts, they can be used too.

Automated Social Sites Account/Profile Creator

Heard of creating 100+ accounts in Top social sites in less then 20 minutes? Now you can do that with xGenSEO! Simply select the sites you would like from 100+ options and click one button and you get that done. Yes it is as easy as that! XGenSEO™ will go to each of the social sites, it will create accounts on them. It will even resolve CAPTA on all those accounts automatically! Once all these accounts are created, it will go to your email account, open those 100s of emails and automatically verify each of the social media account from the links!
No manual process involved here!

Automatic Captcha Resolve Tool

Create a new Yahoo email or Soical Media Site accounts at the click of a button! No completing of captcha field because the intelligence of XGenSEO™ resolves it automatically! This amazing tool helps you to create 100s of new accounts at the click of a few buttons. Yes, it is as easy as that!
XGenSEO™ will go to each of the Social Media Sites to create accounts and it will resolve captcha on all those accounts automatically! Once all these accounts are created, it will go to your email account, open all those 100s of emails and automatically verify each of the social media accounts from the links! No manual process involved here!

Automated Articles Submitter

At your one click of a button, this tool will automatically submit article versions to 100+ social sites! This tool automatically log you into each of the article sites, it will post your article, it will enter the Title, Keywords, Abstract of the Article as well as the Author information, will go to the next site and does exactly the same!
You save massive amount of time and get hundreds of back-links to your website!

Automated Blog, Wikis & Hub Submitter

Just like the Article submitter, the Blog, Wikis and Hub Submitter acts fully automatically. Fully hands-free posting in top blog, Wiki and Hub sites such as EasyJournal, BlogSpot, WordPress, Zimbio, LiveJournal, WikiSpaces, Hubpages!

Automated Micro Blogging & Social Networking Sites Submitter

Automatically submit different versions of your article/blog posts to all the top blog sites, Hubs & Wikis! Some names being Word Press, EasyJournal, BlogSpot, Zimbio, LiveJournal, WikiSpaces, Hubpages…

Automated Video Submitter

At the click of a button, this powerful tool will automatically submit your video to 100+ social video sites! This amazing tool automatically logs you into each of the social video sites, posts your video, enters the video title, keywords, abstract of the video and the author information. It will then go to the next site and repeat the process!
You save massive amounts of time and get hundreds of quality back links to your website!

Automated Social Book-mark Submitter

This tool, automatically book-marks your submitted content into top-bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, Backflip, LinkAgogo, A1-webmarks, Diigo, Mixx, OYAX.
If you have done it manually, you will know how much time it takes!

Automated RSS Feeds Submitter

After submission of Articles this tool automatically gathers creates/gathers RSS feeds from each of the posted articles and automatically submits it to Top RSS marketing sites/directories.

Automated Power Ping

After the RSS Feeds are created, this tool automatically gathers all the links from the sites you posted content to and Pings them all using top pinging sites to ensure that back-links are created for those links to your website.

Article/Blog Creator

This tool will help you to easily create articles and blog posts. With its clean and easy interface, you can not only create articles, you can format them including bold and italics. You can also add hyperlinks to any of the text from your article. You can enter Article Title, keywords, Abstract as well as the Author information.
All this information will be used automatically by XGenSEO™ ,when it submits article/blog posts to 100s of social sites at a click of a button from you.

Article/Blog Spinner

Search Engiens are getting stickier with their duplicate content rules. Not to worry with xGenSEO!
This tool will help you to create dozens and dozens of versions from your one article/blog post quickly and easily!

Power Keyword Builder

This feature allows you to quickly create or modify a keyword basket/database and so that you can use them for your article or blog post creation. Keyword Research can be one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of optimization. With xGenSEO, all you have to do is to add in a master keyword and click the button. XGenSEO™ will generate hundreds of relevant keyword phrase for you.
You can make easy selection from the list to identify your money keywords.

Competitor Analysis

The keyword builder tool is directly linked to Competition Analysis features. You can see which keywords has which Top Competitors. You can see their websites and see how they are using keywords.
You can better select your keywords to create your article/blog posts, once you understand what your competitors are doing.

Article Research Tool

This tool will get you great articles from specially chosen sources, at your fingertips. All you do is enter your keywords for which you are looking for articles. This tool will get 10s of relevant articles and put them in front of you! For creating blog posts or articles, it is a real handy reference tool.

It is all about making it easier for you to create content quickly so that you can start generating tons of quality back-links for your website.

Powerful Reporting Suite

The powerful reporting suite helps you to analyse how your campaigns are going and how XGenSEO™ has helped you to promote your or your client websites. The key reports include Submission Analysis, Ranking Analysis, Traffic Analysis and Link Building Analysis.

XGenSEO™ Engine

Each time you open xGenSEO, it automatically checks if there is an update available for XGenSEO™ engine. At the time of launch, XGenSEO™ will have 100+ social sites included.

Hundreds more will be added to the engine later on!

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Absolutely Unconditional 14 Days,
No Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead and give XGenSEO™ a try for the next 14 days.
You WILL be glad that you did! We believe that you will fall in love with it!
However (for whatever reason), if that’s not the case, We will refund your full investment. No questions asked, no hassles.

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You risk nothing!. Once you sign up with XGenSEO™
You get Tools to literally explode your leads, sales and profits!
You Dramatically slash your efforts and time spent on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization!
You massively increase your Brand Awareness and establish you as an expert in your market!
You hugely improve your revenue potential, generate multiple revenue streams and get Top Search Engine Rankings!
You can save yourself thousands of dollars of outsourcing costs as well as pains of outsourcing coordination!

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