XGenSEO™ Testimonials

I own Savoy Engineering Group, an Engineering Firm that specializes in a very unique niche of the HVAC industry. I have utilized SEO Suite for 3+ years and have always been pleased with how easy it was to set-up and use. It analyzes my webpages, suggests keywords and tracks the web ranking of my website, www.load-calculations.com.

I received information about XGen SEO and was reluctant to try as I get bombarded by many new products each day - each claiming to be "the best". However, as I was pleased with my previous dealings with Apex Pacific, I contacted Customer Service and choose to outsource my XGen SEO account to them instead of doing myself. Within 45 days, the number of valid calls to my company increased and after 5 months and 30 e-zine article submissions, the following concrete goals were met and exceeded by using XGen SEO:

• Organic top 5 ranking (all 5 positions) for all 5 keywords in multiple search engines including Google!
• 3X the business over this time last year
• Doubled my business size to deal with the new clients/work

Your Customer Service is professional and prompt. Thank you for delivering what your ad claims and I look forward to utilizing other software applications you have in the next quarter.

Tracy Savoy
Director of Design Services
Savoy Engineering Group

I have been using the SEO suite v8 for over couple of years now, I loved it and I was so happy with the result, and when I heard about the XGenSEO, I asked David to be one of the first beta testers, I tried it and I was amazed with how this application was developed, It is really worth every penny you invest in it, and you can find out yourself how much time you will save when you use this application, I was thinking, how am I going to submit articles for 100s of social media sites and directories for my customers, and how much I am going to charge them for this services, and if they will agree to use my service or not since the cost will be high..
When I tried XGenSEO I found that I can help my customers to grow their business and will cost them so less than before. If you are looking to grow your site traffic, this is the right tool.

Thanks Apex.

Ashraf Samuel

Well, I have been quite busy learning and working with xGENSEO.
In general I am very happy with xGENSEO.
Actually, I wish I had understood what xGENSEO was all about when it first came across my desktop maybe a year ago.

What happened in the meantime is that in September 2010 I signed up for Alex Gaus’ RankBuilder. I used it for three month and I became very disappointed fast.
In late November I remembered about xGENSEO and gave it a try.
For the same price per month xGENSEO is so far superior to RankBuilder I can hardly describe it.
Your technical support is above else responsive and friendly, the person who worked with me, David not once made me feel like I was just stupid or should know what to do.
Your training materials are thorough and understandable and I feel that I am actually making progress.

Michael G. Schurmann

I have been more than happy with my choice of using XGenSEO. Previously I had used other submission applications, all of which did not perform the way XGenSEO does. Features, Price and also support bundled into one package, had me sold on this product. In addition, the options available for upgrades are attractive because of the nature of my business. With Apex Pacific you can purchase what you need for now and upgrade as your business grows, works for me.

If you are looking at purchasing automated social SEO submission software I highly recommend Apex because of our experience with gaining higher positions within the search engines. You will find both product quality and Apex Pacific support, second to none.

Peter Hickey

originsite : www.xgenseo.com
helpimproveranking : Yes
AccCreationExp : It was so easy...like going to the movies. I just started the process and munch on chips and drink a cola.
problems : It is GREAT! I know nothing about SEO and you made me a genus is less than 24 hours because you made everything so easy.
SubmissionExp : I was able to go back for seconds. You made my job so easy, thank you all.
ArticleCreation : Excellent, and it’s not because I just can’t create an article, and I can’t...but with the tools you gave me to use. It was just like magic.
Comments : It will be our little secret...ok, then I want to help tell the world too...Great Job XGenSEO.
subjecttype : Feedback for XGenSEO

Larry Washington
Computers, Accessories & Bargain Tips Inc

I would highly recommend XGenSEO because it is state of the art & from a real software company with real people to contact and support us through any technical issues.

XGenSEO is ideal for professional SEO agencies who demand maximum efficiency from their SEO tools. It reduces the time we would spend creating social site accounts and resolving captcha + automatically submits your social articles to blogs, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites & RSS aggregators.

XGenSEO will build thousands of links in a very short period of time which is critical for search engine relevancy. We use this piece of software everyday with our clients and it has made our work so much easier.

Chris York
Magellan LMD

I think that this software is the most wonderful piece of engineering that I have come across. I have tried other high profile social submission software, which were very useful in their own right, but none could compare to XGenSEO. It’s way out on its own as far as researching social articles and keywords, not to mention its awesome power when it comes to automatically submitting your tip-top articles to all the major social sites & resolving captcha authentication.

Amos Drew

We use SENuke and Traffic Geyser currently, but we really like what you guys have been creating with XGENSEO. Keep the features coming.

We would like to transition all of our users over to XGEN so please feel free to use us as beta testers or for feedback.
We do a tremendous amount of SEO/SEM work for about 600 clients and have a large outsourced team which we use to do most of the heavy lifting.

Gary Truitt

I have a web design company up in Sydney and I have purchased XGen SEO few weeks ago.
My primary keyword was web design which is incredibly competitive in Google Australia. I was 94th position back then and in 2 weeks time, I arrived on 34th position. I thought this was amazing.
XGen really lives up to expectation and I can’t stop using it now. I love it!

Amelia Johnson

I would like to thank Apex Pacific for their help to update the program, it is working great now.

By the way, I simply love your XGen SEO software, I have got many top 10 positions for some very competitive keywords in less than 2 weeks, very impressed. So much that I cancelled my Traffic Geyser account today! In my opinion you’ve got them beat!

Audrey Ciraulo

We have tested XGenSEO on two of my client websites now. I have also tested XGenSEO on my own online product websites. I can easily say that it is probably the best Traffic Building Tool an Offline or Online Business can get! It cut downs on the efforts massively and really gets you the results fast! I have no hesitation in recommending it!

Tejas Oza
Business Owner & Internet Strategist
Marketing Conversions

I already sent feedback containing my suggestions, so far seems XGenSEO really works. One keyword test in few days boosted http://www.1a.lt from page 4 to page 2. Hope it to bring to page 1 soon :)

I am so excited to tell you that this software is amazing.



I have purchased XGen SEO and it help me a lot in ranking.
I think it is a great product, but I still need time to master it .
But I take one line at the time it is very easy.

Christopher Adebayo